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Why Choose ParityFX

Over 40 years experience

Having a combined 40 years experience of trading currency and fixed income products, the founders of ParityFX have an extensive network of relationships in the financial community from which to leverage information. As a client you will get more than great execution, you will be provided with an insight into how FX markets are positioned and the key drivers that could impact your currency exposure

At ParityFX you won't just be confronted with a web-interface or inexperienced staff handling your business. Clients will have immediate and direct access to seasoned professional traders who are adept at trading currencies. Our priority is to understand your needs and help make your exposure to the currency markets work to your advantage

Tailored Products

We offer a product tailored to your needs. If your business requires timely execution, we will provide it. However there are circumstances when immediate execution may not be optimal. Our knowledge of currency markets are a great asset to you, as our client, and we can assist your company in determining the optimal timing for FX execution. ParityFX is committed to partnering our knowledge of markets with your cash flow projections. Our aim is to help you make the currency markets work for you.

Financial Savings

Do not under-estimate the savings you can make. Our execution can save you several percentage points relative to what you get from banks. But the potential for savings is greater. As a client you can make savings if you time your trades correctly to take advantage of volatile markets. You can make savings from adjusting your exposure to adverse moves that could impact the valuations of your foreign holdings. Great execution, astute timing, enhanced hedging of foreign exposure are but a few of the ways we can help you. Over the financial year partnering with ParityFX can accumulate savings that will substantially impact your bottom line, and afford you greater control of your risk.
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