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Spot Currency Transactions
At ParityFX we can execute spot FX deals for you, and depending on your settlement requirements, the transaction will be made available at your payment destination. Standard settlement for currency deals is typically 2 days after instruction, but same day and next day completion is possible if you have a specific need. We cover currencies for a wide range of markets, even the more exotic destinations. Just ask!
Forward Currency Transactions
Currency markets are volatile. If you need to ensure that adverse exchange rate movements don't impact your cash flow at a future date, this is the simplest way to do it. You can buy or sell an exact amount of foreign currency now, at an agreed rate, for a specific date in the future. By guaranteeing the rate at which your future transaction is dealt at, you guarantee that currency fluctuations don't impact your business decisions.

Market Orders
Why should you have to burden yourself monitoring foreign exchange levels? If you have a specific FX rate in mind which will trigger a currency transaction, we can manage the situation for you. If the need arises we will alert you when the level is reached, or automatically execute a trade on your behalf. Experienced traders often leave open orders like this with their counter-parties, thus enabling them to focus on other things, you can benefit from delegating too.

Bespoke Advisory Services
Whether you require a solution that enables you to reduce your exposure to the risk of adverse moves in the foreign exchange market, or you need to find better ways to handle regular international payments, ParityFX can structure solutions to fit your business. Call us to discuss the issue, and we will design the most cost effective solution, which we will tailor to your needs.